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A reliable and secure wireless network begins with a good design. A poorly designed wireless network will suffer from coverage holes, poor services areas, slow response, inadequate capacity and will be open to security vulnerabilities.

When evaluating a WLAN solution there are basic capabilities that you must ensure your solution will provide you with:

  • Ability to provide support for both current and future application services
  • Ability to integrate into the current network environment
  • Ability to scale to meet current and future demands
  • Ease of management of the system
  • Cost effectiveness and reliability

The security of your WLAN solution is vitally important because it is far too easy for malicious individuals and organizations to gain access into a wireless network. Someone looking to gain access into your wireless network does not need to be on-site within your organization; they simply need to be within range of the radio signal, which could place them in the office next door, another floor within your building or in the parking lot outside.

Perket’s security engineers work with our clients to ensure that their deployed WLAN not only meets all of the basic function capabilities but also does so securely.

What makes a secure WLAN:

  • Creating and enforcing a WLAN policy
  • Ability to use multiple options for encryption and authentication
  • Ability to lock down all access points and devices
  • Discovery and mitigation of rogue AP’s