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Information technology permeates every aspect of higher education, from students registering for their courses, to instructors conducting classes online, to students having access to their grades as soon as they are posted.

As students are trying to decide which college or university they would like to attend one of the factors that they use to make this decision is the level of technology the school has available to students. Technology is changing the way professors conduct their classes and the way students learn. With the increase in the availability of technology on campuses comes the added concern of guaranteeing the security of that technology. In fact interviews with IT staffs of major universities tell us that their major concern today is the security of their networks.

Just as security breaches have affected businesses and financial institutions, universities have found that they too have data that hackers would like to get their hands on. In addition to securing their networks from the outside world, university IT staffs need to contend with the users that are already in and on campus. They face the challenge of protecting the universities information while at the same time providing network access to all of their users.

Perket Technologies offers a full array of best of breed products that ensure that your information is secure without the sacrifice of convenience