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Regardless of your size, everyone can benefit from simplified computer management.

Deep Freeze Enterprise
Deep Freeze provides the ultimate workstation protection by restoring workstations to their original configuration with every restartTry it Now
Faronics Anti-Virus protects your network against known threats out without compromising system performance and integrates seamlessly with Faronics Deep FreezeTry it Now
Power Save
Faronics Power Save reduces workstation power consumption by up to 50% without affecting productivityTry it Now
Faronics Anti-Executable is an application whitelisting solution that ensures endpoint security by only permitting approved applications to run on a workstation or serverTry it Now
Insight empowers instructors with the ability to educate, assist, monitor, and communicate with an entire computer lab from one central computer.Try it Now
Faronics WINSelect provides a quick and scalable way to configure the functionality of any Windows computerTry it Now
System Profiler
A powerful inventory solution that identifies and stores detailed hardware and software data for every workstation across your deploymentTry it Now

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