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Effectively manage security policies, prevent unauthorized network access, enhance existing security systems and secure critical IT assets with Bradford’s Network Sentry Family. This comprehensive, extensible network security platform delivers powerful solutions that address today’s security challenges, including:

  • Providing visibility of all network connections
  • Protecting the network from unauthorized users and devices
  • Ensuring that security policies are established and enforced
  • Detecting and profiling managed and unmanaged devices
  • Allowing role-based access to network resources
  • Provisioning and managing guest access
  • Maximizing existing security systems and network infrastructure
  • Eliminating endpoint vulnerability

Network Sentry 5.3 includes:

With the Network Sentry Family, you gain complete visibility of all users and devices on your network. Identify who and what is on your network, keep unwanted and unauthorized users and devices out, and ensure that network assets are safe.

The Network Sentry Family allows you to dynamically provision customized security policies based on your organization’s needs and ensures consistent enforcement through automated alerts and actions. With all activity logged and stored in a central database, utilize the built-in reporting features or design your own reports for regulatory compliance. Manage it all through a single web-based administrative interface that easily identifies and controls suspect behavior and at-risk devices.

Based on Bradford’s Adaptive Network Security architecture, the Network Sentry Family consists of the Foundation, an intelligent base platform, along with software-based Solutions and Extensions which can be deployed in combination to meet the needs of any environment.

With this flexible structure, you can create the customized configuration that best meets your environment today and be assured that you have chosen a solution that future-proofs your network security for tomorrow.


  • The Foundation is the intelligent base of the Network Sentry Family, featuring built-in network discovery, management, and control functions.
  • The Foundation can be deployed on dedicated hardware appliances from Bradford, or in a VMware-based virtual server environment.


  • Access Manager provides visibility and control of all users and their endpoint devices.
  • Guest Manager ensures secure network access for guest users and simplifies the administration of guest accounts.
  • Shared Access Tracker allows secure, role-based access for users of shared workstations.
  • Device Tracker locks down the network to allow only known networked devices.


  • Endpoint Compliance validates the security posture of endpoint devices, detects vulnerability and enables actions to quarantine and self-remediate.
  • Device Profiler provides dynamic profiling and classification of devices and allows delegation of device provisioning to non-IT staff.
  • Integration Suite allows integration with third-party security systems and correlates device information to enhance security and control.
  • Bradford appliance is Vmware Ready



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