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Partners and Products

Stonesoft Corporation (NASDAQ QMX : SFT1V) is an innovative provider of integrated network security solutions to secure the information flow of distributed organizations.  Founded in 1990, Stonesoft Corporation is a global company with corporate headquarters in Helsinki, Finland and Americas headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.  StoneGate Firewall and IPS work together to provide intelligent defense all over the enterprise network while StoneGate SSL VPN provides enhanced security for mobile and remote use.

Bradford’s powerful and innovative security solutions are developed by a staff with years of expertise in network security and brought to market based on invaluable input received from customers.  Since the company’s founding in 1999, hundreds of customers and millions of users have come to rely on our technology to secure critical IT assets and automate IT security operations.

Bluesocket is a ten year old veteran wireless provider with thousands of customers worldwide.  For ten years Bluesocket has led the wireless industry in many areas of innovation.  They were the first company to introduce a product to secure nascent 802.11n WLAN.  Their most recent technology release 802.11, vWLAN, is revolutionary because of its unique distributed architecture the provides significant improvements in throughput, reliability and availability.

Faronics is a market leader in delivering solutions that help manage, simplify, and secure computing environments. Our award-winning software is able to meet the diverse needs of today’s technology demands, whether it be delivering total workstation reliability to IT, complete classroom control to educators, or intelligent energy management to organizations.