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$48,000 Dollars Saved Annually and still keep Critical uptime!

The cost of network downtime can be devastating. Whether it is from organized security attacks, natural disasters or human error, network outages include everything from long-term brand damage to lost revenue, lost customer confidence and in some cases, lost lives. Even at small organizations, loss of Internet or network connectivity can have major ramifications.

Wise Business Forms, a leading manufacturer of business forms, commercial printing and document services, has been able to achieve some dramatic results in the implementation of their always-on connectivity technologies.

Watch the video below to learn from Wise IT Director Marc Picardo how they:

  • Saved $48,000 annually in telecom costs
  • Saw a 16 month ROI on their hardware investment
  • Increased bandwidth 8-10 fold


Marc Picardo, IT Director
Wise Business Forms
Perket Technologies MSSP Client