Gwinnett Pinnacle Award Winners

We are honored to be among the distinguished list of Gwinnett businesses to be announced as Pinnacle Small Business Award Winners for 2012.  Congratulations to all, and thank you so much to everyone that has been involved with Perket Technologies.  We truly have a great team of people working together.

Carolyn Keane

Are you Prepared to Block Advanced Threats?

Security devices are only as good as the detection methods they provide. And with Advanced Evasion Techniques (AETs) threatening
your network, you need a reliable solution that can be regularly updated to meet evolving threats.

Perket’s suite of solutions, powered by Stonesoft, offers an IPS that does just that. By providing continuous automated threat
mitigation without the administrative burden typically associated with security updates, you can defend your network from AETs.

In just a few minutes, our short demo shows the following:

  • The ease in which your system can be updated with new detection capabilities
  • How the Stonesoft IPS protects against AETs
  • The benefits of a single management console, including monitoring, alerts, troubleshooting and reporting

View the demo here.

AET Demo

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$48,000 Dollars Saved Annually and still keep Critical uptime!

The cost of network downtime can be devastating. Whether it is from organized security attacks, natural disasters or human error, network outages include everything from long-term brand damage to lost revenue, lost customer confidence and in some cases, lost lives. Even at small organizations, loss of Internet or network connectivity can have major ramifications.

Wise Business Forms, a leading manufacturer of business forms, commercial printing and document services, has been able to achieve some dramatic results in the implementation of their always-on connectivity technologies.

Watch the video below to learn from Wise IT Director Marc Picardo how they:

  • Saved $48,000 annually in telecom costs
  • Saw a 16 month ROI on their hardware investment
  • Increased bandwidth 8-10 fold


Marc Picardo, IT Director
Wise Business Forms
Perket Technologies MSSP Client

Perket’s MSSP solves problems

Whether your business has a strong, experienced IT staff or a smaller team with less time to monitor network activity, Stonesoft solutions are easy to use and install. Let our results speak for themselves. Watch the video below and listen to what a Stonesoft client has to say about their experience with our solutions.
UnitedTech Lender Services

“Stonesoft, overall, has been a very easy solution to implement, to manage and to monitor ongoing.”
Shane Durham, Director of Information Security, UnitedTech Lender Services
Perket Technologies MSSP Client

Perket to be first MSSP to offer Stonesoft’s Anti-Evasion Rediness Test Service

Press Release

Perket Technologies Partners with Stonesoft to Expand Managed Security Offering, Reduce Network Admin Times by 60 Percent

Perket to be first MSSP to offer Stonesoft’s Anti-Evasion Readiness Test Service

ATLANTA – August 30, 2011 – Network security provider Stonesoft today announced that Perket has leveraged Stonesoft’s full suite of security solutions to expand its managed service offering as well as cut network administration times by more than half. The managed security services provider (MSSP) exclusively uses Stonesoft’s StoneGate security solutions, and will soon be the first MSSP to offer Stonesoft’s Anti-Evasion Readiness Test Service.

Headquartered outside of Atlanta, Georgia, Perket provides more than 300 companies with high-quality, cost-effective, service-oriented information system solutions, including robust managed security services. Their extensive list of clients includes Wise Business Forms as well as other companies in the financial services, education and manufacturing industries. Since 2006, Stonesoft has been the exclusive technology partner for Perket’s network security services.

In the past three years, Perket has expanded its client base by more than 53 percent. Stonesoft has played an instrumental role in helping Perket accommodate this growth while providing the highest quality of managed security services, despite facing increasingly sophisticated network threats and compliance challenges. StoneGate Firewall, IPS and SSL VPN solutions have delivered always-on advanced threat protection for even the most complex client networks. The StoneGate Management Center has allowed Perket to easily and centrally manage and monitor network security and performance – both at a macro and individual client level. As a result, Perket has reduced its client network administration times by 60 percent.

In addition to advanced threat protection and reduced network admin times, Stonesoft has enabled Perket to lower operating costs while identifying new revenue and client value opportunities. Because Stonesoft offers licensing for authentication, web-portal and individual domains, Perket has been able to give clients increased visibility and shared control of their networks. Additionally, the MSSP can now offer flexible, pay-as-you-grow pricing to their customers.

“Stonesoft has been a key part of our success. They’ve not only allowed our quality of service to keep pace with our growth, they’ve given us the tools to reduce the cost of delivery and even add new services. We’ve yet to see another vendor that can provide such an MSSP-friendly solution,” said Carolyn Keane, CEO, Perket.

Later this year, Perket plans to offer Stonesoft’s Anti-Evasion Readiness Test Service to its customer base. This service will allow Perket to assess a client’s vulnerability to advanced evasion threats like advanced evasion techniques. As a result, Perket will be the first MSSP to offer this service in North America.

For more information on Perket, please visit To learn more about Stonesoft’s network security solutions, go to

About Stonesoft
Stonesoft Corporation (NASDAQ OMX: SFT1V) delivers proven, innovative solutions that simplify network security management for even the most complex network environments. The StoneGate Platform unifies management of entire networks—including StoneGate and third-party devices—blending integrated threat management, end-to-end high availability and network optimization into a centrally controlled system. As a result, Stonesoft provides the highest levels of proactive control, always-on connectivity and compliance at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) on the market today. Founded in 1990, the company is an established leader in network security innovation with corporate headquarters in Helsinki, Finland and Americas headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, visit, and the corporate blog

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011