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The modern organization is constantly evolving and trying to reflect the needs and requirements of its customers.  With hundreds of security products on the market, ranging from firewall/VPN appliances to load balancers a typical organization is dealing with, on average, as many as 15 different security products within their infrastructure.  This complexity causes a range of problems not the least of which is weakened security.  At Perket Technologies our sole focus is on network security, with this targeted focus our expert engineers are able to help our clients to implement network security solutions that are reliable, easy to manage as well as more secure. Regardless of what industry you find yourself in from Healthcare to Education to Telecommunications there are questions that all organizations must ask themselves when they are looking to implement a new or different network security solution.
  • What part of the network needs to be secured?
  • What solutions do we already have in place and how can we use them more wisely?

There are also questions that are industry specific that must be answered.

  • Are there regulations that we must adhere to?
  • Do we need to take into account the age of our users, as is the case in k-12 Education.

Allow Perket’s engineers to help as you answer these questions and develop solutions around those answers.