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NAC what is it and why does my company need it?

The goal of Network Access Control is just that, to control access to the network. A device will not be allowed onto the network until it complies with a business defined policy. As part of that initial authentication process the user’s identity will be validated and the device will be checked to ensure that it complies with the established policy requirements such as anti-virus protection and system updates. Following the completion of this check and any required remediation the device will be allowed onto the network and the user will be able to access assets based upon the role that they fall into.

Benefits of a NAC

  • User authentication
  • Role based access
  • Endpoint compliance
  • Location based rules
  • Alarms and alerts
  • Audit logs

One of the more recent trends is the move towards the network becoming more of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment. While reducing the hardware costs to the company this new BYOD environment increases the risk that a network security breach will occur. By deploying a NAC as a component within the network security solution, organizations are able to be more flexible and allow employees to use their personal equipment to connect to the corporate network, and allow network and security managers to maintain control of their network.