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At Perket Technologies we believe that technology is a business tool that needs to provide a benefit to your company. The only way your technology investment can be a benefit to you and not a cost is if the installation has been properly completed. Just as your companies unique goals and concerns lead to your technology investment those same goals and concerns need to be taken into account during the planning and executing of your installation.

Security Consulting and Design:

Perket Security Program uses a risk management approach to the development and implementation of your information security policies, standards, guidelines and procedures that address your companies security objectives in tandem with business and operational considerations.

Wireless Consulting and Design:

Achieving wireless connectivity can be more complicated than you think and those connections are much too often less secure than you think. Deploying wireless for network access requires a discussion with a wireless professional. As the leading provider of wireless network solutions in the area, we are skilled at tuning and securing wireless systems to meet your needs for privacy and compliance. We also know network bandwidth is a limited resource and connectivity must be managed. Perket Technologies follows industry best-practices for design to assure coverage only where desired, limiting wasted resources.

Microsoft Systems and Storage, Consulting and Design:

A great deal of planning must go into an Active Directory implementation. You must plan for namespace, domain structure, site/replication, DNS infrastructure, Software Update Service, Domain Controller, capacity, operations masters-global catalog, backup, maintenance and recovery. When implementing an Exchange 2010 environment you must plan your organizational structure, namespace, administrative and routing groups, client access protocols, public folder and messaging server design. You need to ensure that your storage needs will be met which will include email archival, mailbox policies, resource mailboxes, distribution lists, backup, maintenance and recovery as well as spam and virus mitigation. Perket’s team of experts can help you to design and implement your Microsoft Systems and Storage deployments to ensure that they meet all your concerns and needs.