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More and more medical practitioners are embracing the use of Information Technology in healthcare. There are, of course, going to be those that would like to continue to do things the way that they always have, but they are becoming the minority as more secure and reliable solutions are developed to better the doctor - patient encounter. With the expanding IT tools in their offices doctors are able to connect with their colleague many miles away to consult on patient cases. Also, medical records are being collected and stored electronically so that it is all together in one place.

As in other industries risk analysis is the best way for an organization to fully understand their risk to exposure. For the healthcare industry this risk analysis is not only a good and useful tool but it is a requirement of HIPAA. In addition to complying with HIPAA, medical practices and hospitals are under the regulations of the HITECH Act which has put even tougher penalties into place for HIPAA violations.

Allow Perket’s team of IT experts to help you understand the solutions that are available to you, that can help to lower your costs, increase your security and best of all, allow you to get back to taking care of your patients.