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Why managed security devices?

Simple, it outsources the risk management at an affordable cost. Our team of Managed Security Service experts augments a client's existing security resources to automate risk management and compliance reporting processes. The end result is improved security posture, more effective incident response, reduced vulnerability, complete transparency for audit purposes, better value from technology investments, and accelerated compliance reporting cycles.
  • Our service offerings are designed to address every layer of the infrastructure-from layer 2 through layer 7-not just the network layer.
  • Ongoing Vulnerability Assessment and Management services to proactively protect high value assets against new and existing threats.
  • Monitoring of network and security devices, endpoints, log management, and endpoint security solutions to ensure rapid identification and response to internal and external threats.
  • Configuration and Change Management solutions provide end-to-end management of network and security devices to deliver maximum protection and performance.

We have solution packages for Risk Management & Policy Compliance, and vertical solutions for PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, and HIPAA. Our Risk Management solution combines Perket managed and professional services offerings to help clients:

  • Assess their current security posture, identify policy gaps and vulnerabilities, and define new policies based on the client’s business objectives and processes.
  • Mitigate threats to their infrastructure, applications, and data by realigning defenses with security policy or deploying new defenses to address gaps.
  • Manage updates and changes to the infrastructure to ensure policy compliance.
  • Comply with internal policies and regulatory mandates through a complete set of reports.

Finally, Perket empowers enterprise and service provider clients with a Build, Operate, and Transfer solution that will enable clients to deploy a 24x7 monitoring infrastructure, develop internal best practices for threat management and incident response, and leverage Perket’s MSSP capabilities until internal staff are hired and trained.


  • Real-Time 24x7 Data Monitoring at an affordable cost
  • 24x7 specialized staff responding to alerts and contacting Perket Partner only when appropriate according to contract terms
  • Proactive Alerts/Notifications
  • Patching/Updating/Monitoring/Alerting/Reporting
  • Comprehensive reports delivered according to contract terms
  • On-demand services