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In order for network security to be effective it must be done in layers. Once you have your network firewall, IPS and NAC in place you cannot forget about the weakest link on your network, the desktop. With the desktop, whether it is a traditional desktop computer, laptop or other mobile device, being the weakest link it is also the most time consuming for your IT staff.

There are 60,000+ new malware threats emerging each day. Traditional anti-virus on the desktop is simply not enough to protect that endpoint and in turn your network. By adding another layer you are adding to your security. This next layer can be in the form of anti-executable whitelisting. This will allow for business applications to be whitelisted and run, while preventing unauthorized and unnecessary programs from running. When you increase the security on each of your endpoints you are also increasing the amount of time that your IT staff can be productive with other necessary business functions and not answering user help desk calls.