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The use of Information Technology within the classroom and as part of the complete learning process can help to put students at the center of that process and as a result change the experience from one of teaching to one of learning. Students are no longer just sitting at their desks being told about a subject by their teachers they are using technology in their classrooms to immerse themselves in the experience. As school districts are faced with the challenge of providing students and teachers with the latest technology to achieve their educational goals, they need to accomplish this with a very limited budget.

By increasing the availability of technology in the classroom new challenges are created. How will this technology be secured? How will the school district prevent students from being exposed to inappropriate material or information which should only be accessed by school administrators? School IT staffs must search for the solutions to these challenges that will not only be cost effective but also easy to deploy and even easier to maintain.

Perket’s team of solutions experts have been working for many years with district IT staffs to help them to meet their goals which in turn helps our student’s to achieve theirs